Fans Are Ripping Ted Cruz For Texas Tech Losing NCAA Championship After He Sent Tweet With 35 Seconds Left

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Senator Ted Cruz evidently didn’t learn anything when he posted in support of the Houston Rockets during Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals last season and the Rockets went on to miss 27 3-pointers and set an all-time record for bricked triples.

Cruz, a Texas man who may be the only person in history to call a basketball hoop a “basketball ring,” was present at Monday night’s NCAA National Championship thriller in a luxury suite at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Cruz of course was in support of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and continued to prove he knows less than zero about sports or sports etiquette when he sent out a tweet with 35 seconds left and the Red Raiders up one.

(I laughed out loud at ‘#1 Defense.’ That’s something my girlfriend would write if she was forced to make a sports tweet and she thinks basketball games are played in three periods.)

Virginia ultimately fought back to win in overtime, 85-77, and Ted Cruz teed himself up to be the scapegoat.

^This tweet is in reference to a 2017 incident in which Cruz ‘liked’ a pornographic tweet.

The below tweet will make sure you never forget.

If you’re wondering if the Senator his his head in shame after the preemptive tweet, he decided to lean in instead.

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