Fans Erupt After Thinking A Browns Player Had A Bag Of Weed On The Sidelines At Their Preseason Game

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A player in the Browns’ recent preseason game against the Bears was holding a bag of sunflower seeds that many fans mistook for weed. It’s causing quite the reaction on social media.

Cleveland cornerback Martin Emerson was caught whipping out his midgame snack, a harmless bag of seeds to gnaw on while the defense waited on the sidelines. This video pretty clearly shows that Emerson is toting the delicious treat.

When the video was frozen, though, a zoomed in photo seemed to hint that the snack was anything but.

A grainy picture hilariously duped a number of fans into believing that Emerson was actually carrying a bag of weed. And the social media reaction was fantastic.

Fans duped into believing Browns’ player had bag of weed on sidelines

Cleveland has had plenty of offseason issues this year. Whether that be with their new quarterback, Deshaun Watson, and his 11-game suspension, or their drama with previous signal caller, Baker Mayfield.

With that being said, the Browns are an easy target with NFL fans looking to take shots at any opportunity possible. And that’s just what happened this weekend with Emerson and his sunflower seeds.

Take a look at the immediate reaction on social media as fans actually believed that the defender had a Ziplock full of pot on the sidelines.


The Browns will gear up for their season opener over the next couple of weeks. This certainly won’t be the last time NFL fans look to throw shade at Cleveland.

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