White Sox Fans, Including Me, Are Losing Their Minds Over The Hiring Of Tony La Russa As Manager

Fans Mocking White Sox For Hiring 76-Year-Old Tony LaRussa As Manager

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Full disclosure: I am a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan. Thank you for your condolences. Which is why it pains me to no end that Major League Baseball fans are crushing the White Sox for hiring 76-year-old Tony LaRussa as the team’s new manager despite the fact that he hasn’t managed baseball at any level since 2011 and has been retired long enough that he has already been inducted in the Hall of Fame.

In the 120 year history of the franchise, the White Sox have won a grand total of three World Series. THREE! In 120 years!

Heck, they’ve only won the American League pennant six times. In 120 years!

And until about with a week or so to go in the 2020 MLB season, the White Sox were actually in first place in their division.

It was the first glimmer of hope I have had as a White Sox fan since they won the World Series in dominating fashion back in 2005.

It was only the fifth time since they went 11-1 en route to that 2005 World Series title that the White Sox had even finished above .500, and two of those seasons were in 2006 and 2008.

So yeah, I was really damn excited about the White Sox potential heading into 2021.

Now, was I surprised when they fired manager Rick Renteria after going 35-25 this season? A little, but I knew there was a plethora of possiblly better options out there.

For instance, A.J. Hinch is available and he had a .594 winning percentage in five years as the Houston Astros manager, made it to three American League Championship Series and two World Series, winning one.

Yes, I know that the Astros cheated in winning those accolades and I loathe them for it.

BUT… Tony LaRussa?!

1993 Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell said LaRussa stole signs using a camera while managing the White Sox in the 1980s.

Then there were three World Series he went to, winning one, with players like Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco juiced to the moon while with the Oakland A’s.

So LaRussa’s reputation isn’t exactly squeaky clean when it comes to bending the rules. And Hinch isn’t 76-freaking-years-old!


I just don’t get it. And neither does anyone else apparently.