Fans Were Freaking Out Over Charlie Morton Pitching A Full Inning, Striking Out Two, On A Broken Leg

Fans React To Charlie Morton Pitching A Full Inning On A Broken Leg

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  • During the second inning of Tuesday night’s Game One of the World Series, Braves pitcher Charlie Morton suffered a fractured right fibula.
  • Morton suffered the injury on a hard comebacker by Yuli Gurriel, but somehow still managed to get three more outs, including two striekouts.
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Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton did something Tuesday night that has cemented his place in World Series lore for many years to come.

The 37-year-old only pitched 2-1/3 innings in the Braves’ 6-2 win over the Hosuton Astros, but it was what he did in those 2-1/3 innings that many Major League Baseball fans will never forget.

During the second inning, Morton was facing the Astros’ Yuli Gurriel when the Houston first baseman rocketed a 102 MPH comebacker at him, striking him in the right leg.

Morton appeared to be okay as he didn’t request the trainer and then went on to get the next two outs to end the inning, including striking out Astros center fielder Chas McCormick.

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Everyone rightfully assumed Morton’s leg was okay after seeing him pitch, especially when he came back out to start the third inning.

“When the inning was over, we meet and talk about what’s going on,” Morton’s catcher Travis d’Arnaud recalled. “He said, `Oh, that one got me good.’ He was kind of walking a little funny. I didn’t think it was broken.”

Morton then proceeded to strike out the first batter he faced in the third inning, 2017 American League MVP Jose Altuve, but grimaced in pain and grabbed at his right leg after the K.

It would turn out that Morton had thrown 16 pitches, gotten three outs – two of them strikeouts – with a fractured right fibula.

MLB fans and media could simply not believe it.

“He wanted to keep going because he was down in the tunnel and he was throwing against the wall,” Braves manager Brian Snitker explained, adding that an initial X-ray after the second inning failed to reveal a fracture. “He said, `It kind of hurts more when I run. I feel good when I throw.’ Then it didn’t.”

After the game, d’Arnaud said, “I wouldn’t think it’s possible. It’s incredible that he even like thought of going out there.”

Travis continued, “To go out there and strike out the next guy with a broken leg, it blows my mind. It blows my mind.”

“He goes eight innings, gives up one run and is like, ‘I’m sorry, guys,'” d’Arnaud added. “He genuinely, sincerely feels like he shouldn’t have given up a run.”

Morton is now out for the rest of the 2021 World Series, but what he was able to do in the limited time he was participating in it will live on for decades, if not forever.