These Awesome Handmade Trophies Are The Best Reason To Play Fantasy Sports — Besides Taking Another Bro’s Money

by 4 years ago
Fantasy Sports Trophies

Winning a fantasy league is fun if there’s a cash prize but there are more than few leagues where “bragging rights” is supposedly the reason to spend hours on a team. If your league is all show, and no dough, maybe investing in a sweet as balls trophy is the way to get more people to give a crap about their team.

Brooklyn sculptor Dave Mitri’s work is the creator of some of the sickest fantasy sports trophies ever. His client list includes Jay-Z, Curt Schilling and the NYPD. Mitri, the founder of, creates original, handcrafted, bronze-coated trophies for fantasy sports leagues. And these suckers are legit too — each weighs up to 22 pounds.

Here’s Dave crafting a golf trophy for some lucky winner of a fantasy golf league.

A longtime fantasy football fan as well as an art school graduate, Mitri meticulously sculpts all the trophies himself in his NY studio, then creates silicone molds and casts each one, adding an engraved nameplate for each winner.

“Guys go crazy for these trophies. They become obsessed with winning them and beating their buddies, but in a good-natured way,” Mitri says. “The trophies are also an homage to male friendship and the bonds that are strengthened in these leagues.”

We might need to hold a BroBible fantasy league this season just so I can take home one of these suckers when I win it all.

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