Check Out This FIFA ’16 Glitch Where The Goalie Just Popped Molly And Is Getting TURNT During A Penalty Kick

Surprised this doesn’t happen more in real life. Being a goalie must be the most boring shit in all of sports. Stand there and wait for the three shots a game to come your way and the other four hours you’re thinking about all the groupies you’re going to bang post-game. I’d pop a little molly too, to, ya know, feel something. Plus, most of being a goalie is just guessing right? Sure, you have to have length and be athletic and stuff, but for the most part you’re just lunging one way on a shot and hoping you’re right.

But if you’re going to pop a little molly pre-game, make sure you’re not dancing out of the goal like this jackass. Pull it together, bro. Luckily, the striker is equally as pathetic. Ray Charles could have buried this empty netter.