Watch These Two ‘Wrestlers’ Launch Themselves Off A Roof And Into Flaming Glass

The moron yelling “DO IT! DOOO IT!!!” as two men prepare to possibly die is all you really need to know about this clip from a recent Game Changer Wrestling event in New Jersey.

Here’s With Spandex with the background…

If you have even a passing familiarity with deathmatch wrestling, you might know the name of John Zandig. He’s the founder of Combat Zone Wrestling, and yes, he’s also the “JEEZUS” guy on Botchamania. Zandig is 45 years old now, but he’s still taking risks that would probably be considered grounds for psychiatric evaluation.

Yesterday in Howell, New Jersey, Zandig teamed up with Game Changer Wrestling to put on a Tournament of Survival consisting of several brutal hardcore matches. To make a long story short, Zandig and his opponent Joey Janela didn’t take long to move the action outside the ring and onto the roof of the venue.

And here’s another clip from a spectator.

Not to get all Jim Cornette but this isn’t really wrestling, the same way groups of men tackling the piss out of one another in the grass behind a grade school isn’t real football. These are untrained stuntmen attempting high -risk spots to the delight of 100 men who honestly want to see someone die.

But whatever.

[via With Spandex]