Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just Spent $1 Million On This Gold And Diamond Chain With 300 Total Carats

Floyd Mayweather Jr new $1 million diamond chain

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. spends big. He’s one of the highest-earning athletes in history which enables him to do things like drop $330K on a new Porsche because he’s in town for a weekend.

With an estimated net worth between $450 and $560 million, there isn’t much that Floyd Mayweather Jr. cannot afford. If Floyd wants to spend $1 million on a new gold and diamond chain it won’t make a dent in his bank account. And he just did exactly that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just took ownership of a new $1 million chain from celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang. The chain includes 8,500 diamonds that total 300 carats. It comes out to a total of 2.6 kilos of white gold.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was already wearing an absurd diamond necklace when jeweler Johnny Dang put the new $1 million chain around his neck.

The jeweler hand-delivered it from Houston to Las Vegas for Floyd Mayweather Jr. These two actually go back a long time:

They’ve traveled the world together:

Mayweather’s never more than a PPV away from adding tens of millions to his bank account. And he spends the money as quickly as he made it.

One of my favorite stories of Floyd’s spending came in 2021 when Mayweather reportedly spent $45,000 on a new Rolex… for his 5-week-old newborn grandson. $45K on a Rolex for a baby!

When is Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Next Fight?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming off an easy exhibition fight in Abu Dhabi.

He will enter the rink next on February 25th in London’s 02 Arena where he’ll face 35-year-old Aaron Chalmers.

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