Floyd Mayweather Booed HARD At Warriors Game–Zero Punches Thrown, Naturally

by 4 years ago

After the fight coined “the fight of the century” panned out as well as Ryan Leaf’s NFL career, fans worldwide were rightfully livid. Mayweather pocketed upwards of $200 million that night, thanks to the $99.95 most of us paid to watch a hug fest. So it’s no surprise that when Mayweather sat front row for the Warriors-Grizzlies Game 5, the entire Oracle Arena gave him a piece of their collective mind.


Floyd, if that rematch with Pacquiao doesn’t pan out, it looks like you have 20,000 opponents who will gladly sub in. 

This dude looks like he wants to go hide under a rock. 

[H/T For The Win]


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