Floyd Mayweather Tried To Do The Opposite Of The #BowWowChallenge, Got Ruthlessly Trolled By Twitter

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Remember how the #BowWowChallenge went hilariously viral in May after Bow Wow was caught lying about his riches (again) on social media? You remember, Bow Wow posted a photo of himself that made it look like he was getting ready to fly on a swanky private jet only to later get busted flying commercial. That then led to everyone on the internet mocking him with their “riches” with the #BowWowChallenge.

Yeah, well, Floyd “Money” Mayweather just tried to get his own viral trend started only he was trying to do the opposite of Bow Wow. Mayweather started his own hashtag, #MayweatherChallenge, in which he shows himself in REAL situations that reveal just how filthy rich he is. (I know, we’ve never seen that before, right?)


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