Floyd Mayweather’s Mouth Guard Is Made Of Gold And $100 Bills–And I Struggle To Buy Groceries

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Floyd Mayweather is gearing up for the most anticipated fight of his career on May 2nd against Manny Pacquiao. The fight is expected to be the richest fight in boxing history, with a purse of over $250 million, with Mayweather pocketing 60% of it.

So even if Mayweather drops in the fetal position and shits himself when the bell sounds, he’s walking out with a cool $150 mill.

And that kind of financial security can make you do things that a guy with $484 in his bank account and a body weight that exceeds his credit score, simply cannot understand.

Money Mayweather reportedly pays $25,000 for custom mouthpieces made by New York City dentist Dr. Lee Gause. That costs more than the braces I had on my teeth for six years.

The mouthguard is equipped with diamonds, gold flakes, and real $100 bills. It’s basically the opposite of that rubbery yellow one you picked up for $2.99 before your first football practice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.27.26 AM

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I guess the disconnect between me and Floyd’s lifestyle can be summed up below.


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.38.18 AM


Annnd me:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.39.10 AM


I can get you the $89.95 pay-per-view price for the fight when my 2017 tax returns come in. I’m good for it, bro.

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