Floyd Mayweather To Publish A New Magazine For The Wealthy Called ‘The Rich Lifestyle’

by 5 years ago
Floyd Mayweather magazine

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Floyd Mayweather has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it. Wait. Scratch that. He does have one thing he wants to do with it: start a new magazine called The Rich Lifestyle for those people who are just like him, filthy rich.


No word yet on who will actually read the magazine to him, but maybe it will just be filled with lots of pretty pictures.

And yes, that’s just me being jealous because Floyd Mayweather has so much money that over the weekend he not only bet $350,000 on boxing and basketball he ended up pocketing $827,272.73 for a $477,272.73 profit.

Of course, as usual, we Floyd only shared his winning bets, but it really doesn’t matter if he won or lost. He’ll never be able to spend all the money he has earned.

I wonder how much subscriptions to his new magazine will cost? Can I get comped?

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