Here Is Floyd Mayweather Being A Massive Dick To A Women In A Barber Shop Who’s Never Heard Of Him



In this woman’s defense, I’m 98% sure my mom doesn’t know who Floyd Mayweather is either. But she definitely knows the name of a few people around Washington D.C. who will play hammered dulcimer at your wedding for a price. What I’m getting at here is that I totally understand why this lady doesn’t give a shit about Floyd Mayweather being in a barber shop. Sure he’s the biggest boxer in the world and the wealthiest athlete, but it’s a sport where even the household names aren’t really household names.

Mayweather is obnoxious as fuck to her, too. Can he go away, please and can we bring back heavyweight boxing? That was much more fun…

[H/T: Deadspin]

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