Former Bengals QB Jon Kitna Says He Played With Teammate Who Was Drunk During Game And Still Went On To Gain 200 Receiving Yards

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Former Bengals quarterback Jon Kitna told an interesting story during a podcast appearance about a former Cincinnati teammate who he says was drunk during a game.

On Tuesday, Kitna went on the Ryen Russilo podcast and revealed that played a game with a “guy that was drunk in the huddle.

“There was a time that I played a game with a guy that was drunk in the huddle,” “There was a time that a guy showed up late to a game — in the NFL you need to be there two hours, two hours and 15 minutes ahead of time. And he showed up under an hour before the game and he started. Those are weird things now. That’s tough.”

According to Kitna, the player, who he didn’t name, actually had a pretty good while drunk.

“I’m not sure if the staff knew but I think the guy was like… that was kind of his normal. I mean he was drunk and had close to 200 yards receiving now, so… it was crazy.”

Kitna played for the Bengals from 2001-2005 so it’s probably not hard for Internet detectives to figure out who he’s talking about.

Update Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has narrowed down the player who Kitna may have been referencing down to three players but also didn’t name who they believe it was.

Via Pro Football Talk

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of players that it could have been. Three had games of more than 150 receiving yards during Kitna’s time with the team. One had games of 189, 161, and 152. One had 171. Another had 152.

Kitna didn’t name names, so we won’t, either. There are so few that it could be that the ones who it isn’t should be upset that Kitna has defined the possibilities so narrowly.

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