Former UFC Fighter May Have Delivered The KO Of The Year With This DEVASTATING Slam

Gerald Harris (23-5) is a former UFC and WSOF fighter, but he hasn’t been in the cage for more than three years. On Friday night he returned with motherfucking vengeance by destroying his opponent.

On weigh-in day, his opponent tipped the scale at 220 pounds for the 170-pound welterweight fight. Despite his opponent, Aaron Cobb, weighing 50 pounds over weight, that did not scare off Harris.

At Legacy 63 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Harris destroyed Cobb despite the weight difference. In the first round, he lifted Cobb and then unleashed a skull-smashing body slam that knocked the consciousness out of Cobb.

Mental note: Never ever ever make Gerald Harris jump three weight classes on 24 hours’ notice. Wouldn’t you agree Aaron Cobb?