Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss This World Record-Breaking Formula-1 Pit Stop

This past weekend Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, hosted its first ever Formula-1 Grand Prix of Europe race. I know this because my cousin flew all the way from Philly to Baku for this race, and I’ve been seeing his Facebook photos from the event all up in my NewsFeed (I jacked his pics, you can see them below). What’s funny is while he was track-side for this race in Azerbaijan he almost certainly missed the coolest action of the event, the Williams team absolutely dominating the DJL Fastest Pit Stop Award with a new world record: a 1.92-second pit stop (Red Bull held the previous record at 1.923). Seriously, do NOT blink or you will miss the action in this video:

Let’s check that out once more in GIF just in case it happened so fast your brain wasn’t able to process what it was seeing:


Now for some pics from the first ever Formula-1 Grand Prix of Europe race in Baku, that largest city in Azerbaijan. I just want to say thanks to my cousin John for providing me with these photos, even though he has no clue that I’m using them because he’s somewhere in Russia without cell service, probably…

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