Bucs Got Beat So Badly Tom Brady’s Future Employer Switched To The Seahawks-Panthers Game

Tom Brady takes the field for the Tampa Bay Bucs.


The Bucs put on an embarrassing showing in Tom Brady’s return to San Francisco. The California native came close to tying the largest defeat in his storied career.

Tampa Bay found itself down 35-0 by the beginning of the third quarter to a 49ers team starting its third-string quarterback. Brock Purdy outdueled the NFL’s GOAT, which has gotten a rise out of fans online.

Brady threw a pair of picks in the contest while Purdy shined with a couple of touchdown passes. San Francisco was able to turn those Tampa mistakes into five touchdowns, creating a massive advantage on the scoreboard.

Things got so bad that FOX actually changed the broadcast midway through the third quarter of action.

With the Bucs down five scores, the network switched over to the Seahawks-Panthers game. Not exactly a meeting of NFL powers.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the move. Earlier in the year, CBS did the same during a Cowboys’ blowout of the Vikings. But that was somewhat excusable for Minnesota, who’s already won 10 games this year and ran into a Dallas buzzsaw. Tampa is playing a rookie quarterback making his first professional start.

Fans on social media quickly reacted to the switch.

One person wrote, “Tom Brady getting flexed for Sam Darnold,” while another posted, “Brady and the Bucs are being blown out so bad that the game has been switched off.”

Tough look for Brady and the Bucs. Luckily, they’ll still sit atop the NFC South standings despite falling a game below .500 on the season. Tampa Bay will look to rebound next weekend when they take on Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

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