Watching Gary Sheffield’s Son Hit A Walk-Off HR With His Dad’s Patented Stance Is A Blast From The Past

Gary Sheffield waits for a pitch in the batter's box.

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Gary Sheffield’s son is going viral after mashing a game-winning bomb in his high school team’s latest playoff win. Noah Sheffield happens to use the same exact stance that his dad made famous in the 1990s, which gave baseball fans an incredible blast from the past.

Gary Sheffield was one of the MLB’s most exciting players during his tenure. The right-handed slugger spent time with eight different organizations, winning a World Series with the Marlins in 1997.

Sheffield is a member of the prestigious 500 home run club, and he hit an incredible .292 over his 22-year career. Drafted in the summer of 1986, it didn’t take long for the first-round pick to make his way to the majors.

By 1988, the infielder was playing for the Brewers. He made the transition to the outfield as a member of the Marlins, where he’s maybe remembered best.

Not only is Sheffield recognizable due to his insane production at the dish, but also for his unique batting style.

It’s one that’s been impersonated by every ’90s youth baseball player in a pickup game with friends.

The righty would wave the bat back and forth in front of his face as he awaited the delivery from the pitcher. Those that watched were immediately drawn to the interesting approach.

But while many imitated, few could perfect.

It appears that Gary Sheffield’s son, Noah, is one of those few.

In a recent playoff game for his high school team, Noah looked like a chip off the old block with his late-game heroics. The youngster was seen blasting a walk-off home run to deep left field as he sent his squad to the regional finals.

That bomb is now going viral on social media.


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Fans were quick to comment on the game-winning home run. Many knew they’d seen the stance some place before.

This person wrote, “Didn’t even have to put his name, we all saw the swing and knew exactly who it was.”

Another follower said, “That swing is absolutely gorgeous for a high schooler.”

Others were impressed with Sheffield’s ability to adjust to the offspeed pitch, with one person posting, “He was sitting fastball and the readjustment to the offspeed was amazing.”

Noah Sheffield kept his team’s season alive for at least one more game. An awesome moment for the MLB All-Star’s son.