Genie Bouchard Breaks Out Bikinis For St. Patrick’s Day, Birthday With Twin Sister

Genie Bouchard Pegasus World Cup green bikini st patricks day instagram

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2014 Wimbledon finalist Genie Bouchard loves St. Patrick’s Day.

We know this because the 29-year-old tennis star told us in the caption to her latest Instagram photo.

“Annual green bikini pic in honor of my fav holiday,” Genie wrote in the description.

“Am I colorblind? Or is that more of a blue grey?” one of Bouchard’s fans asked.

“Exactly what I thought but when it’s that hot, do we really care?” someone else responded back.

“Looks very uncomfortable sitting on the tree like that,” another fan astutely pointed out.

So Bouchard, who is Canadian (she was born in Montreal and was the first Canadian-born player to reach the final of a Grand Slam in singles), but lives in Miami and the Bahamas, is a huge fan of the number one Irish holiday, huh?

Speaking of being a fan, Genie Bouchard has no shortage of those with over 2.3 million of them on Instagram and another 1.6 million on Twitter.

A few months ago, Genie Bouchard has an artist draw her “perfect man” and he ended up looking “like a serial killer.”

The reason Genie did that is because, despite all of her accomplishments and attractiveness, she has had a tough time over the years to find a decent boyfriend.

She’s had plenty of guys willing to pay money to go out with her (for charity), but besides a one year or so relationship with former Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Mason Rudolph, it’s been a struggle.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Genie recently celebrated her birthday with her twin Beatrice for the first time in eight years.

I’m not sure what Beatrice Bouchard does for a living, but whatever it is, she appears to be doing just as well as her twin sister Genie.

I’m pretty sure, with 352,000 Instagram followers of her own, plus with her name recognition, she makes her money being one of the million influencers on the internet.

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