Georgia Student Photographer That Was Knocked Out On Sideline At Auburn Tweets Out Update

georgia photographer knocked out

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

It was a scary scene on the sideline of the Georgia – Auburn game on Saturday afternoon.

Chamberlain Smith, a Georgia student photographer, was on a knee taking photos of the action just before halftime when Georgia running back Brian Herrien was pushed out of bounds and ran over Smith knocking her out, leaving her motionless for quite some time.

Smith eventually did open her eyes minutes later before being taken off the field on a stretcher. From the time she was hit to leaving the stadium it didn’t appear, nor was it reported, that she made any sort of movement on her own. She was transported to East Alabama Medical Center.

On Sunday afternoon, Smith posted an update on her health and it was great news saying she’s lucky to be walking away with a concussion and a few bruises.

It was easy to think the worst when seeing Smith laying on the sidelines motionless with dozens of medical personnel surrounding her and it’s fantastic news to read that she’s in good spirits and gets to walk out of the medical center.

Georgia went on to beat Auburn 21-14 on Saturday.