Get A Shredded Set Of Abs With This Sit-Up Free Ab Workout

by 2 years ago

Developing a nice set of abs is often considered the holy grail of fitness. Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s how it is. There’s a reason most people think they need to start doing sit-ups when they get to the gym because we’re conditioned to view abs as the final destination.

I don’t particularly love this aspect of fitness, because there are a million different definitions of fit, and they don’t all involve having a shredded set of abs. However, I’d be remiss to say I don’t recognize the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing set of abdominals.

I’d also be remiss to talk about abs and not mention why people fuck up their ab training.

The average person who walks into a gym tends to think doing sit-ups and crunches has them on the path to a set of abs that will replace their washing machine. And at a basic level, they’re right. These aren’t terrible exercises, but they aren’t exactly awesome, either.

You see, the abs and core muscles work in four main ways. They exist to resist flexion and extension, so think by allowing your torso to move forwards or backwards. And they resist rotation, so think allowing your torso to rotate from side to side.

By training these forms of movement you’re training the abs they were meant to move. This doesn’t mean that flexion movements like sit-ups are completely wrong, they just shouldn’t make up the bulk of your ab training.

And that’s exactly what I’m giving you bros today. A workout that will get you a ballin set of abs without doing a single sit-up.

Body saw 3×8

Stir the pot 3×8 per side

Side plank pulses 3×15 per side

Wide stance anti rotation chop 3×8 per side

Inchworms 3×5

Give this ab workout a try twice a week for the next 6 weeks. If any of you have badass results with it, then let me know. I’d love to show off your hard work.