The Giants’ Terrible Fan Appreciation Day Turned Out Even More Terrible Than Expected

The Giants Terrible Fan Appreciation Day Was Worse Than Expected

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  • Last week, the New York Giants announced a terrible Fan Appreciation Day promotion for Sunday’s game.
  • Turns out, according to fans that went to the game, the promotion was somehow even worse than expected.
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The New York Giants, now 4-10 after Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, thought it would be nice this holiday season to hold a Fan Appreciation Day this past weekend.

And it would have been, considering fans are paying the ninth highest ticket prices in the NFL for a team that is in last place in the NFC East and has only one winning season since 2012.

Except, the big Fan Appreciation Day giveaway was going to be a medium Pepsi. That’s right. A medium Pepsi. Season tickets cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 and the Giants couldn’t even spring for each fan in attendance to get a large soft drink.

Needless to say, once this news spread on the internet the Giants got absolutely torched for their cheapness.

But wait… it somehow got worse.

On Sunday, fans at the Giants game were met with another surprise, and it wasn’t the good kind.

It turned out that the giveaway of a free medium Pepsi wasn’t for every fan in attendance. It was actually one free medium Pepsi per season-ticket holder account, not per seat.

So, if, say, a family of four had season tickets that were all purchased under one name (which would certainly be expected), that family received ONE MEDIUM PEPSI as thanks on the Giants’ Fan Appreciation Day.

Assuming that family of four bought the cheapest season ticket plan, they would have given the New York Giants $4,000 before even setting foot inside the stadium. The more typical price is $7,500 per ticket, which would add up to $30,000, making the Giants measly Fan Appreciation giveaway even more pathetic.

Perhaps if the Giants had beaten the Cowboys fans would be more willing to let such a terrible idea slide, but, they didn’t. So…

Clown show, indeed.

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