‘Golden Tarpon,’ A Freaky Monster-Sized Goldfish Caught In Florida, Is Being Called The ‘Catch Of A Lifetime’

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Golden Tarpon

Facebook / Patrick Dineen

Tarpon are probably the most sought after game fish on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Colloquially known as the ‘Silver King’, these massive fish swim up and down Southwest Florida every year attracting anglers as famous as Thomas Edison and Ernest Hemingway. The ‘golden tarpon’ is an extremely rare pigmentation defect that results in the typically all silver (or green) tarpon having a golden hue on the top of its body.

This past weekend Captain Patrick Dineen of Flyliner Fishing Charters (headquartered out of Shalimar, Florida in the panhandle, the fish itself was caught in Sandestin) put his clients on what is being called ‘the fish of a lifetime’. In addition to the genetic defect making this pigmentation ridiculously rare what makes this fish even more rare is that it’s an adult. Typically a tarpon with this genetic defect would never make it to adulthood, it’d get picked off by sharks or other predators very early on as the fish lacked any natural camouflage in the water.

Let’s check it out (via Capt. Patrick Dineen’s Facebook), this is easily the biggest goldfish swimming around in the Gulf of Mexico these days:

Shark Feeding Frenzy Off Coast of Florida
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