TNT Creates Perfect Gone Fishin’ Graphic for the Brooklyn Nets

by 6 years ago


The guy who makes the Gone Fishin’ art for Inside the NBA nervously cracked his knuckles and adjusted a gradient. He’d made hundreds of photoshops before, but none like this. The Brooklyn Nets were about to be eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat and the good people of America were counting on him for some borough-specific humor.

He sipped his energy drink with gusto, needing every bit of brain power he could muster. And then … a flash of lightning.

“Eureka,” the man screamed. “I’ve done it. I’ve created the perfect photo of the Brooklyn Nets fishing.”

And he had. A few hours later, his art was shown on national television. People were moved. Deep laughter emanated from the Rockies to the Everglade.

But the man wasn’t done. The playoffs weren’t over. More teams would soon be eliminated. He’d sleep when he died.


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