68-Year-Old Granny Makes MMA Debut Against 24-Year-Old And Proves Age Is Just A Number!–JK, She Gets Throttled


At the spry age of 68, Ann Perez made her MMA debut in Sparta Combat League. Her opponent: 24-year-old Laura Dettman. If you’re looking for a good underdog story, go throw on Rudy or something, because this is a good old-fashioned SLAUGHTERING. It would be like instead of Rudy making that meaningless tackle, he got trucked and ended up with a spinal chord injury.

Hey, don’t look at me like that, I’m not the one who sanctioned a fight between a senior citizen and someone in her physical prime. Take it up with them. After you watch the fight footage, of course:

While watching this video, I found myself going back and forth between “C’mon take it easy on her” to “please please please connect on a haymaker.” It’s a weird conundrum to want someone to escape safely, while also wanting to see their knees buckle and bite the canvas. If you think I’m being insensitive, please know that I admire this lady. Envy even. At 68-years-old, I just want to make it through a day without shitting myself, nevermind testing my physical prowess against someone a third my age. Props to this lady. Please retire.

[h/t Unilad]

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