GRAPHIC: ABSOLUTELY Do Not Watch This Soccer Player’s Gruesome Leg-Break Injury

The headline was not meant to be a reverse psychology tactic to get you to click. This soccer player broke his leg and the injury is absolutely horrific. I don’t care if you have already eaten your breakfast or have not, you probably should not see this leg snap.

Demba Ba, a former Premier League football player, now plays for Shanghai Shenhua. On Sunday’s Chinese Super League match against the Sun Xian of Shanghai SIPG he collided with an opposing player and suffered a gruesome leg-break.

Ba, a former Chelsea and Newcastle striker, screamed in excruciating pain and had to be taken off the pitch on a stretcher.

Watch the video if you dare.

Your leg shouldn’t look like a squiggly.

His leg is above the sock, meaning that part that is bending is not his knee. Ouch.

I don’t think you can just walk that off.

Shanghai Shenhua’s coach, Gregorio Manzano, said the horrific injury could end the 31-year-old footballer’s career

Ba was rushed to the hospital and received general anaesthesia.

The first question that Ba asked the medical staff after he woke up was, “Did we win the game?”

What a competitor.

Here is the X-ray for Ba’s shattered leg, it looks like he has two knees on one leg, which is not a good look.

Best recovery wishes to Ba.