Great White Shark Steals 100-Pound Tuna From Fisherman In Hawaii And Wrecks His Hand In The Process

Great White Shark Steals 100-Pound Tuna From Fisherman In Hawaii And Wrecks His Hand In The Process

iStockphoto / Rasmus-Raahauge

  • A fisherman in Hawaii was bringing in a 100-pound Yellowfin Tuna when a massive Great White Shark appeared out of nowhere
  • The massive shark bit the tuna in half when the man had his hand on the fishing line and then the shark dragged the fish down another 30 to 40 feet after messing his hand up good
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If you spend enough time fishing in saltwater you inevitably encounter ‘The Tax Man’. That’s the common nickname given to sharks that swoop in and steal a fish. This most frequently happens with bull sharks or reef sharks in shallow water. I don’t think I can recall a time when such a massive Great White Shark was filmed sniping a fish like this.

Angler Nick Morris was fishing 15 miles off Waikiki in Honolulu County, Hawaii. He was reeling in a 100-pound Yellowfin Tuna, known locally as Ahi. And he nearly had the large tuna into the boat when a massive shadow emerged.

It was a Great White Shark the size of a Volkswagon Bus and the shark helped itself to an easy meal. Unfortunately for Nick Morris, he had his hand on the fishing line already as the tuna was nearly into the boat and the shark pulling down with all its force royally messed his hand up. He showed off the damage to his hand to local news in the feature below and managed to catch most of the action on film.

Great White Shark Steal Tuna From Fisherman In Hawaii And Wrecks His Hand

Here’s the local news segment:

And here is the footage of the Great White Shark uploaded to Nick’s own Reel Adventures Hawaii YouTube channel where he showed off his Hawaiian fishing adventures and homemade offshore fishing lures.

It’s a miracle he didn’t lose those fingers…

Nick Morris told KHON 2 News “I’ve seen big sharks but not that big.” He said they had a 12-foot shark eat one of their fish right next to the boat just two weeks ago but that shark paled in comparison to the Great White Shark that stole his tuna.

After the massive shadow emerged and took the tuna while he was holding the line, he let it go down about 30 to 40 feet and then started pulling up the line afterward. There was nothing on it. No 100-pound Yellowfin Tuna. No hook and leader. Just frayed line that was destroyed but the Great White Shark that messed his hand up real good.

In addition to the Great White video above, Nick has some awesome fishing videos on his YouTube channel featuring all sorts of Blue Marlin videos. Check it out (click the video above) and smash that ‘subscribe’ button if you like what you see.

How Common Are Great White Sharks In Hawaii?

According to the best estimates, there are only about 3,500 Great Whites in the wild across the entire planet. Suffice it to say, they are pretty rare in Hawaii.

There was a time when everyone thought the sharks were virtually unheard of in Hawaiian waters. In fact, there had only been 8 confirmed NOAA sightings of Great Whites in Hawaii in the past 60+ years. However, now it’s believed that Hawaiian waters are a common home to Great White Sharks.

They can be found in Hawaii year-round but it is more common for these sharks to leave California in the Winter and head towards Hawaii before turning around in Hawaiian waters in June and July and heading back to California.