Green Bay Packers’ ‘Big Game Burger’ Is Freaking Enormous, Yet Still Considered Healthy By Wisconsin Food Standards

The Green Bay Packers will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday with the winner going to the NFC Championship Game. People at Lambeau will be going hard despite frosty temperatures and the likely presence of Chris Christie.

Fans lucky enough to have tickets will have the opportunity to purchase the 3.5-pound “Big Game Burger,” an edible tribute to fat and cholesterol.

Among the ingredients:

» “Big Mother” pretzel bun
» 1/2 pound of ground venison
» 1/2 pound of ground bacon
» 1/2 pound of certified Angus beef
» Crispy fried onions
» Jalapeño smoked bacon
» Lettuce (and you thought this wasn’t healthy)
» Tomato (six slices)
» Pickles
» Secret sauce
» Housemade jalapeño cheese

Man. It sounds less like a food item and more like a trendy club Stefon is describing. It really does seem to have everything.

The life-shortening meal is available for a paltry $20 and is actually part of a healthy Wisconsinite diet, along with fried foods and dark beer.

Anyone brave enough to try the burger should plan on stretching before doing their next Discount Double Check as waistlines may shift during consumption.

[H/T: NFL]