Greg Norman Comments On The Viral Beach Bulge Photo That Shook The Nation

Ben Jared/PGA TOUR

When I woke up this morning, I never expected to write about a 65-year-old man’s rocket, but it would be irresponsible of me as a respected Journalist to not report a hammerhead shark sighting off the coast of Florida to those who fancy a swim.

It’s been nearly two months to the day since golf legend and two-time major winner Greg Norman hit the beach with his dog and hog that could shift the tides of the Atlantic.

(If you’re wondering how a man in his 60’s stays in peak physique, you try walking about all day with a 60-pound kettlebell hanging from your waistline.)

Norman recently sat down with the Herald Sun for a quick substantive talk about his storied golf career imposing bulge.

Norman told the Australian paper he found some of the responses “hilarious.”

“I think some of the comments were hilarious, and I don’t normally read the comments, so it was quite a bit of fun,” said Norman.

It’s a minor miracle that Greg’s wife, Kirsten, is able to stand in the photo below. Maybe Greg let her borrow one of his legs? Beats me.