Gronk Is Just DESTROYING South Beach, Taking Over DJ Booths And Dancing Shirtless In Clubs

If Gronk’s offseason is any indication his injured back seems to be 100% fully recovered.

Bro has been absolutely killing it down in Miami hanging out with models and Flo Rida on spring break, hyping his boy Mojo Rawley as he gets ready for WrestleMania, making it rain on dancers at clubs… dude should just hang up his cleats and become a professional partier.

Bro takes his partying SERIOUSLY, even recently changing his Instagram profile to “The one and only RoB G from the New England Patriots.”

That being said, if his name was Johnny Manziel people would be having a shit-fit, but as long as Gronk puts up numbers next year without yet another season-ending injury, it’s all good.

Regardless of what happens then though, much like with JFF, we can’t get enough of his antics and this past weekend Gronk dialed things up to an even higher level.

Dude was in full-on Gronk mode hanging out in clubs with DJ Carnage, Steve Aoki and Marshmello.

And by hanging out I mean getting shirtless and completely turnt splashing water all over himself in the DJ booth…

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Even the cops of South Beach are down with the RoB G.

No wonder Rick Ross said he couldn’t hang with Gronk