The Cleveland Browns Suck, But A Guy Is Begging Them For A Roster Spot By Standing Outside Their Facility

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Last week, we told you the story about 26-year-old free agent wide receiver Joe Anderson, who was standing outside of the Houston Texans’ stadium with a sign in hopes of getting the team’s attention for a roster spot. Well, another guy is following Anderson’s lead and doing the exact same thing, hoping for the Cleveland Browns to notice him.

According to Deadspin, 23-year-old linebacker Monte Gaddis has been spotted outside the Browns practice facility in recent days with a sign around his neck, too, desperately wishing for a big break.

Gaddis, who played college ball at Towson and is a native of Cleveland, is probably well aware of how much the Browns rush defense sucks, so, who knows, maybe he could help turn them around?

Here’s what Gaddis’ Instagram looked like during his attempts this week:

#Day1....If you know me, then you know this is not a publicity stunt. I don't need any approval or media outlet to show off my hard work or passion for the game. Talked to a few friends that play in the NFL about the idea and got all positive feedback. It's just crazy how I won a Championship in Europe and now I'm back in the states looking for a job lol. This my leap of faith and y'all gone feel my hustle. This is something that I really stand behind and know if I get that shot I'll take full advantage of it. This has been a dream since I was 10 years old & I won't let this pass up. As you can see, I'm an author, HS football coach, have my own mentoring program #GaddisGuidance a champion & 2012 All American. No criminal back ground. Why not take a chance on a guy with no character issues or a guy that helps out in the community any way he can. Do you really think I would embarrass myself and put my pride to the side if I didn't believe in myself? I'm not selling my soul or going out like a coward, this is me chasing a dream that will be life changing for my family and I. I'm doing whatever I can to get this shot, I even made the Adidas #NewSpeed commercial, just off hard work. I thanks Joe Anderson for showing how to swallow my pride and go get what I want. No agent, No problem. I hope this stunt will be another way to motivate and inspire others like I try to do every chance I get. If you know my story, then you know whatever I do, I go 100% at it, nothing was given to me and I don't expect it now. I know for a fact I can play on any teams special teams and make an impact as a leader. As you look at all my social networks, you will see its not about the money for me, it's all love and passion. Growing up in Cleveland wasn't easy, that's why I always play with a chip on my shoulder. Please pray for me, share this post or tag an NFL team. I appreciate all the support and I hope everyone continues to follow my journey. Check out my website in my bio to get to know me a little more. #MotivationalUseOnly #FreeAgent #PursuitOfHappiness #Godfidence #TheArtOfTheHustle TAG EVERYONE LETS GET THIS VIRAL & INSPIRE

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#Day2..... This has been a crazy experience that I'm ready to turn into reality. Im out here standing in the rain lol I'm starving for this. To be honest, this has been closest I've felt being near the NFL since draft day 2014. When I do get picked up by a team, it will not only be because of the support I get but people are finally starting to see my vision, hard work & preparation for this. I even met Joe Haden yesterday, he offered me money because him and his wife thought I was starting my own football team 😂. Didn't accept the money, that tryout was worth more than that. We both showed great character, much respect. Everybody saying they would of took the money, but I'm thinking longevity. I could have a locker right next to him, gotta keep it 💯. Real is real! I speak respectively to everyone by saying good morning & event to the people that drive by and honk the horn. If you check all my social networks you would know this is my dream and I'd anything for that chance to play at the highest level. We have plenty of millionaires from Cleveland, but how many can you count on one hand that actually come back or even give back to the community??? I haven't played on tv in 2 years but I know my city knows me because of how I actually #GiveBack & wants to see my city grow. Not judging anyone, but they have the money to easily give back. I barely have $4 in my pockets and still living in the hood but I make sure my family & city is good. Positivity spreads quick, this could be a life changing story for me and someone who I inspire! I'm out here in my Towson University jersey, 2012 All-American. Just to bring back memories and feel it again. But if you really want to be motivated, read what supporters and strangers are saying under the pics I'm tagged in. Very touching💯 Please keep supporting me! I won't let you down, I know once they see me perform they will love my athleticism and work ethic. Even if the Cleveland Browns don't pick me up, someone will see my hunger and see how valuable I can be for a team.

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The plan paid off, too, with Browns GM Ray Farmer actually meeting with Gaddis for a chat, relaying this, per

Gaddis explained his reason for standing outside of the Browns’ building. Farmer, the team’s general manager, told him he could have chosen a different way to get his message across to the organization.

“I told him I felt this was the best route I had since I didn’t have an agent or anything,” Gaddis said. “I told him, ‘Hey, it got you to come across the street to talk to me. I think I did a good job.’ He chuckled, so it was a good feeling.”

The two chatted for a few minutes. Farmer asked Gaddis to submit some game tape. He advised the former Maryland walk-on and Towson standout to bring the film on Thursday, but Gaddis went home, retrieved the necessary tape and returned to Berea to deliver it to the team’s personnel department.

Who knows how this will all turn out for the kid, but props for being so bold and chasing down his NFL dreams.

[H/T Deadspin]

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