This Guy Weighed Less Than 100-Pounds When He Was 16-Years-Old — 4 Years Later He’s ‘Naturally’ Jacked

I don’t know how a man survives weighing less than 100-pounds after the age of, like, 10-years-old, but Brandon Walsh (pictured above) managed to do it. He was the epitome of “skin and bones.” Just scrawny as all holy fuck.

Then, one day, Brandon decided to do something about it. So he picked up some black market HGH, hit the gym and let the good times fucking roll dedicated himself, worked hard and 4 years later he is 180 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal (assuming that’s his profile name on various dating websites).

Per Brandon Walsh’s YouTube:

At 16 years old I weighed less than 100 pounds. After 4 years of relentless dedication and fitness knowledge I believe I have built a physique worth showing off.

This is far from my goal but I hope I am able to help others and make an impact in peoples lives.

Here’s what Brandon looks like now.