Video of Heat Fans Pounding on Stadium Door Will Make You Wish They Were Trapped in Jigsaw’s Lair

After a more-than-sluggish start, LeBron looked like he'd go down as the game's goat, then—after a vicious fourth quarter in which he almost outscored the entire Spurs team—he liked like a candidate for GOAT. He swung back to plain goat in the final minute, when awful turnovers and missed shots almost doomed Miami, but Ray Allen hit a huge three-pointer to send the game into overtime. The Heat had come back from five down with 20 seconds left. It was fucking amazing.

You know who missed it? “Thousands” of spoiled Miami fans who filed out of American Airlines Arena after Manu Ginobli hit two free throws to put San Antonio ahead with 28 seconds left. This is video of hundreds of the white-blazered, hair-slicked douchebags, pounding on a locked door because, incredibly, they do seem to know basketball games don't end in ties. It should go without saying that they are horrible, horrible people. Anyone else think they should only be allowed to watch Marlins games for the rest of the year?

[H/T: Darren Rovell]

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