Pittsburgh Rejoices As Iconic Heinz Ketchup Statue Returned To Former Heinz Field

Heinz Field ketchup bottle

Getty Image / Raymond Boyd

It was a sad moment for the city of Pittsburgh last July when the iconic Heinz Ketchup Bottle statues were removed from the former Heinz Field after it was renamed to Acrisure Stadium.

A Michigan-based company spent $150 million to rename Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium, and when the Heinz Ketchup statues were removed it seemed like one of the most iconic parts of the stadium was being ripped away from the fans.

Approximately 9 months later, an iconic Heinz Ketchup statue is back at Acrisure Stadium, formerly known as Heinz Field, and the city of Pittsburgh has been made whole again.

Video of the refurbished statue being reinstalled near Gate C went viral earlier this week.

To be fair, there were multiple giant ketchup bottle statues that were removed from the former Heinz Field. One of their signature features was pouring out a serving of ketchup when the Pittsburgh Steelers reached the Red Zone:

The ketchup statue being brought back to the former Heinz Field was installed outside of the stadium near Gate C but it’s replenishing some of the former charms.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were very pleased to see the statue return. They wrote:

It would be great to see them back on the scoreboard:

Nature is healing:

The prodigal son returns, or whatever:

It was a massive bummer when the ketchup bottles were removed from the former Heinz Field. It’s great to see them coming back, one at a time, with hopefully more to come.

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