Dude’s First Time Going Heli-Skiing Did Not Go As Planned…In Fact, It Went As Hilariously Bad As Possible

heli skiing

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Heli-Skiing is an athletic pursuit reserved for the wealthy elite. Renting a helicopter to drive you to remote ski regions with pristine, untouched snow isn’t cheap. It’s also something that most skiers and snowboarders dream of doing. Getting to shred that fresh powder is something people spend years dreaming of before it becomes a reality.

This dude was finally able to take his first heli-skiing trip. I don’t know how much he paid for this trip or where it is (though the YouTube channel says SquatchAK so I’m guessing Alaska). However, I do know that this dude’s first heli-skiing adventure did not go as planned. From the moment he pointed his skis down the mountain everything went to shit. I won’t spoil it for you and give away anything more (h/t Extra Mustard):

I shit you not when I say that I’ve watched this video at least 15 times this morning. That ‘No! Fuuuck’ is the exact reaction I would’ve had if I was in his situation. That moment when you see your ski go sliding all the way down the mountain after you hit some rocks and realize that it’s completely gone and you’re going to have to either get picked up or walk your ass down the mountain through thick powder. All of your options suck. This is not how you saw heli-skiing going.

I guess my only question is this: if you’re this dude and you’ve been (theoretically) saving up $$$ for this epic heli-skiing trip only to lose your ski within seconds after hitting rocks, do you ever go heli-skiing again or do you just cut your losses and head back to the slopes forever?

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