The Fianceé Of The Jets Player Who Got His Crotch Grabbed By Cordarrelle Patterson Has Issued An A+ Response

henry anderson fiancee crotch grab


There are plenty of things that transpire during your typical NFL game that no sane person would ever willingly subject themselves to.

However, I’m not sure if there’s anything more terrifying than the idea of being at the bottom of a pile made up of some laughably large human beings, which is the closest most people will ever come to knowing what Giles Corey felt like at the end of The Crucible. 

Former Jets defensive lineman Trevor Pryce once explained the only rule in the pile is that there are no rules at all, saying:

“When there’s a fumble, all rules are gone. Anything goes. Somebody bit me in the arm once, but I got the ball. I started screaming ‘Get off of me.’ If you’re caught in an awkward position— like your arm is about to pop off— you start screaming and guys start to get off of you.”


On Sunday, another Jets defensive lineman learned this the hard way after the Patriots’ Cordarrelle Patterson grabbed Henry Anderson’s family jewels after a tackle and made every male who watched it wince involuntarily.

Unfortunately for Anderson, none of the officials on the field saw the crotch grab and no flag was thrown, depriving fans of what could have been another call for the ages.

After the game, Patterson was very blunt when asked why he resorted to that particular tactic.

Fair enough.

Anderson issued a response of his own following the game and claimed it wasn’t as big of a deal as people made it out to be, saying:

“If I had felt it, there would have been … if he had actually grabbed, like—you know, my package there, I probably would have done something. But, I didn’t really feel anything. So, I don’t think he got a hold of it.”

There were plenty of great reactions to the incident but none of them came close to topping a tweet from Anderson’s fianceé, who got justifiably territorial after seeing the footage.

I’m sure she’s as happy as I am to know the boys managed to make it out unscathed.

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