High School Kid Drills 76-Yard Field Goal And I’m Not Sure It’s Landed Yet

by 3 years ago

The NFL record for longest field goal ever converted came at the foot of Broncos placekicker Matt Prater, who successfully nailed a 64-yard attempt against the Titans in 2013. But the thin Denver air is kind of cheating, so the record I recognize is 63 yards (tie with four kickers, most recently David Akers is 2012).

Now I know that comparing a practice field goal to a field goal with large, angry men running full speed at you is a pretty fruitless exercise, but it doesn’t go without merit. a 76-yard field goal from an Arizona high school kid whose only college offers consist of in-state schools is equally as impressive in my correct opinion. I have a feeling after this video makes the rounds, Brandon’s phone may be ringing with calls from old men trying to get him to play with footballs on their teamz.

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