High School Running Back Damn Near Murders Defender On His Way To The End Zone


He’s 15-years-old, his name is Josh McKenzie and at least one member of Red Bank Regional high school football team in New Jersey is never going to forget the day he met him.

And that’s been McKenzie’s plan all along. According to a profile on NJ.com, McKenzie’s uncle and legal guardian, Bill Green is putting all of McKenzie’s eggs (and a fuck load of money) into the “going to make it as a football player” basket.

Per NJ.Com

For the past 10 years, McKenzie has followed an incredibly precise plan laid out by his uncle and legal guardian, Bill Green. In fact, Green is spending nearly every dollar of college money on Josh’s athletic development and training. It’s a daring all-in bet that has put Josh on track to cash in on a college scholarship.

We’ve seen enough prodigies flame out to know that this isn’t exactly a sound investment, but I hope this pays off for him. I hope this real-life Spike from the Little Giants goes far in football and doesn’t have his entire life ruined by the likes of Becky “Icecox” O’Shea. That bitch.


Here the video from the profile that NJ.com did.