Holly Holm Gives Mad Respect To Ronda Rousey, Tells People To Stop Trashing The Former Champ

Ever since Holly Holm knocked out the formerly undefeated women’s UFC champ Ronda Rousey on Saturday night, the Internet has been taking a giant dump all over Rowdy Ronda, mocking her with memes and taking shots at her as if they all forgot what she did prior to her first UFC loss.

For all those who’re taking aim at Rousey—like Donald Trump and Laila Ali—Holm has a message: Back the fuck off!

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the new UFC women’s champ gave nothing but respect to her fallen opponent, saying so in as many words, via TMZ Sports:

“Ronda’s been a very dominant champ and she’s taken the sport to new levels. This fight wouldn’t’ve happened if she hadn’t accomplished what she’s accomplished, so I have a lot of respect for her… I think people can be pretty brutal, and when you’re in the spot that she’s in, there are people who are just going to jump ship and I don’t ever wish for that.”

Other people may be boasting about knocking the queen from the top of the mountain, but Holly Holm has gone a different route that is pretty cool to see. It’s called humility, guys, some athletes could learn a lesson or two about it.

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