This Homeless Bodybuilder Is Ridiculously Shredded For A Man Sleeping In The Streets

I simply must know more about Jacques Sayagh, the homeless bodybuilder sleeping in the streets of France. He uses the streets as his gym AND home, and he also competes in bodybuilding competitions.

In this 6-minute brief documentary they touch on why he’s in the streets, he mentions drugs and prostitutes, and also how he doesn’t want to live in a small apartment. But that still doesn’t answer the question of how a man living in the streets is able to get enough nutrition to be in such peak physical condition at the age of 50.

If you’re out on the streets and the only thing you’re ever able to do is work out, then I suppose your gains are going to be incredible. That said, you still need to eat, and more importantly if you’re going to keep a dog as a pet, that dog needs to eat first.

His story is pretty incredible though, that he can live on the streets at the age of 50 and still be competitive in body building competitions.

via DIGG


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