The Houston Astros Are Donating $4 Million To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Over the past few days, a number of equally shocking and inspiring photos and videos have come out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. It’s hard to understate just how much damage the storm has caused, and the people who have been affected by it need as much help as they can get. Thankfully, there’s been an incredibly refreshing outpouring of support that’s come in a variety of forms.

People around the country have flocked to Texas with trucks and boats in tow, and those who are unable to be there in person have donated countless amounts of money for aid and supplies. People in the sporting world have been especially generous— at the time of this writing, JJ Watt had helped raise close to $2 million, and plenty of other athletes and owners have also done their part to pitch in.

Houston is the largest city to be impacted by the flooding, and the MLB team that calls it home is doing everything they can to aid in its recovery. Late last night, the Astros website reported owner and chairman Jim Crane had teamed up with the Astros ownership group and the Astros Foundation to pledge a staggering $4 million to the cause.

In a statement, Crane said:

“We are committed to doing our part to provide aid and assistance to the thousands of Houston-area residents that are desperately in need right now,” Crane stated. “We encourage others in our region and beyond to help out in any way that they can.”

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The Astros will also be collecting supplies at their spring training facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, they will be donating the proceeds of their 50/50 raffles to the Red Cross for the remainder of the season. The MLB and MLBPA also announced they were joining forces to donate an additional $1 million.

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