Here’s How Much Physical Exercise Is Necessary To Burn Off Each Of Your Favorite Junk Food Items

My life is a constant struggle between eating delicious Angus Beef cheeseburgers and spending enough time at the gym to burn off those burgers so I don’t balloon up like that blueberry chick in Willy Wonka. I’ve never been one of those guys who looks at calories, like not at any point in my life have I considered how many calories are in an item before eating it.

I just eat and if it’s shitty enough for me I think to myself ‘well, at least this solidifies me having to go for a run later’. Now, thanks to the infographics below I know exactly how many calories I need to burn in order to work off some of my favorite junk food and fast food items, like soda, a Big Mac, and a whole host of others. So let’s get to looking at how many calories (and how) we need to burn in order to work off some of our favorite junk foods:

These infographics come to us by way of, where you can see them and more by clicking on over (if you so choose).

I gotta admit, only 178 minutes of exercise to burn off an entire chocolate cake doesn’t seem all that bad. I’d assumed that it would take a week at the gym to burn off an entire cake, but I was sorely mistaken. That’s not to say I’m going to head out today and pick up a cake for myself, because this would be pathetic and gross, it’s just nice to know I can burn one off with one long session at the gym.

To see the full exercise plan devised for these 8 food items and a further break down of the caloric content I suggest clicking above and heading on over to Buddy Loans. (h/t DailyMail)