HQ Trivia Is Giving Away Some Ridiculous Jackpots During The NBA Finals

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Earlier this year, HQ Trivia firmly established itself as the Bitcoin of up-and-coming apps by convincing millions of people that it was their key to a quick and easy windfall (even when that windfall is actually closer to $11). Since then, Sporcle enthusiasts who haven’t been able to make the cut for Jeopardy! have been blocking time out of their day in the hopes of winning enough money to justify a stupid purchase on Amazon.

There’s a good chance you didn’t delete the app from your phone after you came to terms with the fact that you don’t know as much seemingly worthless trivia as you thought you did. If that’s the case, you might want to reconsider getting back in on the action, because HQ Trivia is taking things to an unprecedented level to celebrate the NBA Finals.

This will be the fourth year in a row that the Cavaliers and the Warriors will play each other for the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and even if you’ve lost interest in the matchup by now, companies are doing what they can to make people care. However, a couple of free tacos is slightly less enticing than the millions of dollars HQ Trivia is poised to give away over the next couple of weeks— here’s how to get in on the action.

According to Time, the jackpot for tonight’s 9 PM game will start at $100,000 and continue to rise in that same amount as the series progresses, which means that users will be in the mix to claim their share of $700,000 if the championship ends up going seven games. This would dwarf the current record of $300,000 that was given away by Dwayne Johnson, making it one of the only things in the world capable of making Dwayne Johnson seem small.

Make sure to tell Scott you missed him. I’m sure he misses you.

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