HS Softball Player Goes Viral With ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ Play

softball play at home plate

iStockphoto / Peieq

A high school senior from Carthage, Texas is going viral after she successfully pulled off the oldest trick in the book during a softball game on Tuesday, March 21st.

Jada Walton managed to use her Jedi mind tricks and trick the catcher at home plate with the ‘look over there’ ruse. It bought her just enough time to slip in and tag home plate for a run.

She went from 2nd base to home plate, dodged the first tag, and had a stare-off with the catcher before softball play seen ’round the world:

In high school, I threw out my arm and ended up managing the girl’s varsity softball team for two years. It was honestly 100 times better than actually playing baseball. And it got so fun heckling that by season 2 the other teams had created ‘cheers’ to heckle me and my two best friends (also fellow managers) which took the heat off our team. #GloryDays.

Never in my two years of managing softball did I see any trickery like this. This softball play should immediately be in the running for the SportsCenter Top Ten and SportsCenter Not Top Ten plays of the week.

Naturally, the sports world is in love with her Jedi mind tricks.

It should be #1:

My toddler falls for this every time:

There was at least one Debbie Downer:

Bit drastic of a reaction to an ELECTRIC softball play, don’t ya think?

It would be hard to recover from this electric softball play if you were the catcher:

It remains to be seen if Sports Center will add this to their top plays of the week. The chances look good though after SportsCenter anchor Randy Scott responded to my tweet about it:

We need more softball plays on SportsCenter. Why not start here?

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