Idaho’s New Head Football Coach Looks Exactly How Idaho’s Head Coach Should Look And It’s Awesome

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  • Idaho announced its new head coach over the weekend and he has the perfect look.
  • If you gave someone a blank piece of paper and asked them to draw the head football coach at Idaho, they would draw Jason Eck.
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Idaho football officially announced its new head coach on Saturday and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Numbers, records and football aside, he looks exactly how the head football coach at Idaho should look and it’s awesome.

Jason Eck who played at Wisconsin from 1995 to 1998 will be the next head coach of the Vandals. He is a 22-year coaching veteran who began his career as a graduate assistant with his alma mater under legendary head coach Barry Alvarez in 2000.

Since then, he has worked his way up the coaching tree and first served on the FBS level in 2015 as the offensive line coach and run game coordinator at Montana State. He left Bozeman for the same role at South Dakota State in 2016 and was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2019.

In his three years as the offensive coordinator with the Jackrabbits, Eck saw a lot of triumph. His teams have averaged 32.5 points per game and his 2021 offense is currently seventh in team passing efficiency and eighth in rushing offense. Meanwhile, running back Pierre Strong leads the FCS in rushing.

South Dakota State’s fall season comes after reaching the FCS national championship in the spring. After losing their starting quarterback to injury in the first series, the Jackrabbits lost by two.

Eck’s resume of success speaks for itself and he will be tasked with turning around an Idaho program that is 13-21 in its last three seasons. But that is not the point.

Most importantly, Eck looks the part.

He arrived in Moscow, Idaho on Sunday and it was glorious. Eck, alongside his wife Kimberly and their five kids, could not be more wholesome. They look straight out of an inspirational football movie.

Eck got off the plane first and did so in style. Rocking his signature chop sideburns with his hair slicked back, he donned a hastily procured gold shirt and a leather jacket.

Could it be anymore Idaho?

During Eck’s first day on the job, he declared that 2022 will not be a rebuilding year. He said that “we’re going to compete our ass off and win a lot of game next year. Right away.”

While that is a bold claim for a team that has been significantly subpar, I’m buying all of the way in. Eck said it with confidence and talks like a head football coach. He even has that perfect slight rasp and throws plenty of filler words like “okay” into his speak.

Here is Eck’s introductory video to the Vandal faithful. He could not fit the part any better.

Idaho hired the guy they wanted and he couldn’t be a better fit. The Vandals may never lose again.