Sports World Goes Bonkers Over Images Of A One Million Seat Stadium Concept

Sports World Reacts To Images Of 1000000 Seat Stadium Concept

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  • An artist created a concept art stadium that would hold one million fans.
  • The giant stadium prototype extends 14 levels into the sky.
  • The current largest stadium in the world can hold approximately 132,000 fans.

A prototype of the world’s largest stadium, capable of seating one million fans has been causing quite the buzz on the internet.

Created by American artist Paul Pfeiffer, the concept art was first reported by Spanish publication Marca back in 2020, but has gone viral this week after being tweeted out by several sports-related accounts.

Inspired by the Olympic Stadium in Sydney, Pfeiffer’s one million seat stadium has 14 levels with the top seats being so far from the action on the ground that the players would barely be visible, if at all.

A one million seat stadium would dwarf every other current sporting arena in the world

To put this idea into perspective, the current largest stadium in the world, Narendra Modi Stadium in India, has a seating capacity of 132,000 spectators. The largest stadium in America, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, has an official capacity of 107,601. Indianapolis Motor Speedway can seat around 257,000 fans. The total attendance for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, covering 52 games, was 1,131,312.

This one million seat stadium would be like stacking 11 Wembley Stadiums on top of one another, then adding another 10,000 seats just for good measure.

Will it ever happen? Unlikely, but it’s a fascinating idea that certainly got sports fans around the world talking on social media.

“That place is gunna have more nose bleeds then [sic] 11,” one fan joked, referring to the Stranger Things character.

Interestingly, a Twitter poll with over 150,000 votes was overwhelmingly against the idea of ever building a stadium this large.

That, right there, is why a one million seat stadium should never, ever happen.

And that is the kind of thinking that will probably make it actually happen someday. We just can’t help ourselves.

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