Intel Purchases Ad Space on Inside of FC Barcelona Jerseys, Darren Rovell Ejaculates

What would have him so worked up? Why this brilliant BRAND-ENHANCING MOVE by Intel. The company is purchasing ad space on the inside of FC Barcelona's jerseys in the hope that, when goals are scored, players will lift up their jerseys and everyone will suddenly think about dual-core processing. And they are doing it for a shitload of money. From Bloomberg:

When Lionel Messi or his FCBarcelona teammates lift their shirts after scoring a goal, soccer fans will seeIntel Corp. (INTC)’s logo under a sponsorship that puts its logo on the inside of the team’s jerseys. 

The cost? Alongside becoming the team's official technology partner, $25 million over five years. 

This is brilliant. I can't see this backfiring in anyway, except that soccer is an extremely low scoring game and thus, well… you know. 

[H/T BuzzFeed Sports]