INTENSE Fight Breaks Out At The Raiders-Chargers Game, Includes JACKED Dude



I’ve said it before, I’ll stick to it: California has some of the most violent football fanbases in America. This particularly violent exchange went down in the stands of the San Diego Chargers – Oakland Raiders game in San Diego yesterday, which the Chargers walked away with the W, 13-6. Apparently 25 people were arrested at the game itself. Here’s what was going on, via the YouTube comments:

Raiders fan pissd off at chargers fan one guy talk shit enough and indult their raiders fan lady once raiders fan knock out one guy charger fan down then everyone fight crazy crowd ppl

Note how big that one dude in the Raiders jersey is at the :15 mark. Not really sure he’s the type of person you want to pick a fight with?

It doesn’t stop there. Things were bad in the parking lot afterwards too:

West Coast NFL fans are animals.

[H/T: Busted Coverage]

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