NFL Fans Can’t Believe The Absurdity Of Aaron Rodgers’ Fine When Compared To CeeDee Lamb’s Fines

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  • NFL fans cannot believe the amount of money that Aaron Rodgers was fined for COVID protocol violations.
  • When compared to fines that CeeDee Lamb received for uniform violations, it’s truly absurd.
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On Tuesday afternoon, the NFL issued fines to the Green Bay Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver Allen Lazard. The punishment stemmed from a review that found the team and its who players did not follow the league’s COVID-19 protocols.

Rodgers and Lazard, both unvaccinated, each attended a Halloween party despite their vaccination status. That is a direct violation of protocols that prohibit unvaccinated players from gathering outside of team facilities in a group of more than three players.

While the Packers did not sanction the party, the NFL found that the organization was aware of the gathering after the fact. Thus, it is being fined for failure to report the violations and failure to discipline its players.

Here is how the fines broke down as result of the violations:

  • Green Bay — $300,000
  • Aaron Rodgers — $14,650
  • Allen Lazard — $14,650

To put that number in context, that is 0.00067 of what the NFL MVP quarterback will earn this season. It is the equivalent of an individual who makes $60,000 in a year being fined $40.20.

Although the fines were discussed and agreed upon by both the league and its player’s association, they are ludicrous when compared to other fines that have been handed out this season.

For example, Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (who has not violated health & safety protocols) was fined five times in the first six games. He received multiple fines for having his jersey untucked, and another for the type of socks he was wearing.

The five fines totaled $46,350— more than three times that of Rodgers and Lazard. Amari Cooper’s reaction to Lamb’s fines was hilarious, as they were indeed violations of the rules and he broke them on multiple occasions.

But with that being said, the fact that Lamb has been fined more for his uniform than Rodgers for his health and safety violation is absurd and rules need to change. Regardless of whether Rodgers was in the right or in the wrong, putting various beliefs surrounding the league’s COVID-19 policies aside, it’s a bad look.

Quite a few people had extreme reactions to the disparity in fines. Most people agreed that the subjective

Here is what fans, experts and players both former and current had to say: