The Internet Reacts To Defending Champion Germany Self-Destructing At The World Cup

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

World Cup defending champion Germany was sent home early today after a crushing 2-0 loss at the hands of an already eliminated South Korea team. When you consider Germany’s success in the Group Stages for the past 64 years, its early exit seems even more shocking:

1954 – 2nd
1958 – 1st
1962 – 1st
1966 – 1st
1970 – 1st
1974- 2nd
1978 – 2nd
1982 – 1st
1986 – 2nd
1990 – 1st
1994 – 1st
1998 – 1st
2002 – 1st
2006 – 1st
2010 – 1st
2014 – 1st
2018 – 4th

For the first time since 1950, the World Cup will enter its latter stages without Germany, marking the third straight WC champion to not make it past the Group Stages of the tournament.

“The disappointment is just huge,” Germany manager Joachim Löw said. “In this tournament we didn’t deserve win the World Cup again. We didn’t deserve to be in the round of 16.”

Even South Korea manager Shin Tae-yong believed his squad has almost no chance at beating the World Cup favorites.

“Yesterday we said there was only a 1% chance to beat Germany, so I told my players that it was really a last-ditch effort for them,” Shin Tae-yong said. “And I thought about what mistakes what Germany could make.”

Mexico and Sweden survived and advanced out of Group F, and the internet was entirely present to mock Germany for shitting the bed.

There’s always next year. And by next year I mean four years from now.